Tania Azevedo was born in a little island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  One day the island became too small for her or perhaps her ambitions were too high for the island. At the end, she left in order to undertake an amazing and unique trip of self-discovering.

She has been living in different countries, speaking different languages, feeling different cultures and continuing to travel. She studied Philosophy, Photography, Performing Arts and Human Rights which has been giving her the wings that she was in need to better understand the world and to make her stronger in her beliefs and values. However her inspiration also comes from the people with whom she has been sharing short and long paths, from the animals that she sees and look after and from the nature that she has been surrounded by.

The lens of her camera are small windows through were the world manifests itself. She sees beauty and sadness in the same photograph and it is this combination of feelings among other feelings that makes her experiences so special.

She believes that each photograph transmits a mix of two stories, the story of the elements shown on the image and the story of the person behind the camera. Each photograph has its own voice and is in the middle of the silence between the click of the camera and the elements of the image that she founds the right moment to make both stories alive.