When people ask me why I like to travel and why is so easy to pack my backpack in a few minutes and go,

I look into their eyes and I answer the same thing over and over:” Life is a constantly trip

and I just prefer to experience it on the road” .

I am grateful for everything that I could see and live so far but I am seeking much more.

The world is so big and the sofa that I have in my living room seems so tiny.

You always leave things behind, you always lose something when you are on the road

but you can get much more when you step out of your bubble and join your soul with the people,

animals and nature that you will find in so many paths.

When I look back I see several footprints and growth.

Perhaps you even don’t know that you were important at some point as you were so focus in living.

But one day someone will say to you, “Thank you”, without you expect and in that moment

you will close your eyes and think about the footprints.

A sentence will come to your lips; “It was worthy”.

When you are on the road you are constantly starting over, the routine changes, the challenges increase

and growth, happiness, sadness and even loneliness seems gravitating around you.

However all of these subjects are part of the journey.

I am persistently seeking learning, a story, a dream, something that makes us so unique and so equal.

We are much more similar than you might think.

Our tears have the same taste and our smiles can both illuminate a room,

we both know the sadness of a broken heart, and we both know how hard is to live in the shade

when all our body is claiming for freedom.

We are much more similar than we think.