Took me a while to understand the concept of time and I am still far of understanding it fully.

I remembered when some friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I reply with a smile “Give me time”.

It will be the most amazing gift that I will get from you. Time is so precious and so fragile. Therefore so valuable.

Can disappear so quickly, without sometimes given us an opportunity to learn the lesson.

While we are thinking about the outcome of a certain situation something is happening at the same time which make us work under multiples focus.

Time is such a special gift and sometimes we use it so wrongly. Unfortunately every single of us looked at the mirror at some point and asked:

“What have I been doing? “or “How the clock moved so fast?”, and you ended up to realize that at some point you lost track of what time was.

When we share time with someone or something special, time can have a “forever” length.

You are creating memories that will be continuously alive while it will be sharing with others.

Receiving time is also a gift much more valuable than any other material thing that you can buy.

I see as a crime the statement; “I don’t have time for anything”.

Seems so sad, so unreal, so small and so lost… Because it is you that create and organize time, time exists through you and it is through you that this time is sharing.

Means that you are responsible for the “forever”.